The FastCamera FC1700 is a high-speed 17 megapixel digital camera system, using a CMOS imager with an electronic global shutter, or rolling shutter. This camera has a high-speed, scalable, integrated FPGA, image processor, and memory subsystem which enables stand-alone high speed in camera image processing and extended storage. Options include ruggedized, Expanded Camera Link output, Gigabit Ethernet output, and in camera recording. When integrated with a high powered frame grabber /coprocessor board, the resulting system capabilities can be expanded by adding processors and memory on the board according to the needs of the user.

FastVision FastCamera 1700 17 MP camera link or GigE interface camera photo

FastCamera FC1700 Key Features:

High Resolution

  • 4812 × 3624 (17.4 MP) pixel array (including Black/Dummy)
  • 5.0 um (H) × 5.0 um (V) pixel
  • 4800 × 3600 / 4:3 aspect ratio; 4800 × 2700 / 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 24.0mm (H) × 18.0mm (V) – 4800 × 3600 sensor active area
  • 24.0mm (H) × 13.5mm (V) – 4800 × 2700 sensor active area

High Speed

  • Up to 90 fps at 4800 × 3600 (10-bit)
  • Up to 120 fps at 4800 × 2700 (10-bit)
  • 6-port Dual Row Readout with high-speed LVDS outputs

High Sensitivity, Wide Dynamic Range and Ultra Low Noise

  • 66 to 492 uV/e- selectable; 1.4 V full scale range
  • 62 dB dynamic range; 8 e- rms noise

Excellent Image Quality

  • Patented Active Column Sensor (ACS®) technology
  • 14-bit per Column Distributed A/D (D/ADTM)
  • Correlated Multi-Sampling (CMS™) to reduce noise or add gain

Multiple Operating Modes

  • Global Shutter or Rolling Shutter
  • 6-port Dual Row Readout or 3-port Single Row Readout
  • Dual Data Rate (DDR) or Single Data Rate (SDR)

Additional Features

  • Programmable Analog Gain
  • Limited Region Of Interest (ROI)
  • Digital Binning within Columns
  • Asynchronous Exposure Control

Internal Memory

  • 8 Gigabytes of internal memory
  • Capture to memory with slow readout.
  • Real time (full sensor speed) capture to memory 

Inteface Options

  • GigE interface, for slow readout of captured images. 80 MBytes per second.
  • Extended Full Camera Link readout with four channel links, at up to 1 Gigabytes per second.

Fastcamera FC1700 spectral response curves

FastCamera 1700 Diagram

Alacron fastCamera FC1700 camera 17 MP camera diagram

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